Friday, August 22, 2014

Max H. Christensen Stadium

WHERE: Midland, Texas
WHERE EXACTLY: North Lamesa Road and TX-250 Loop 
WHEN VISITED: November 24, 2013 while returning home from visiting son Tommy and his art exhibit at Fabrica 309 during Alpine ArtWalk 2013.

The Angels minor league team the Midland Angels played here from 1985-1998 so I was super excited to visit it.
It used to be called Angels Stadium, then Cubs Stadium.

You can see the darker areas on the facade which included "Home of the Rockhounds" and the teams logo.
The Rockhounds, an A's affiliate, called it home from 1999-2001 

Ticket office.  Still a few vestiges of the Rockhounds existance here.

In 2002 the city built a brand new facility for the Rockhounds on the West side of town, they now play at First American Bank Ballpark.

Local high schools and Midland College use the stadium now.

Seating capacity was about 5,000.
All the remaining seating is aluminum bleachers.

The lower box seats were all missing, probably sold off as memorabilia when the Rockhounds left.

Theres only a small section with a rook overhand offering limiting protection from the West Texas sun.

Old logo of the Midland Angels still exists in brick on the third base side behind home plate.
You can barely make out the halo at the top of Texas.
I was really happy to see this as it was the only indication of Angels history here.

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