Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pilot Point High School Varsity Field

WHERE: Pilot Point, Texas
WHERE EXACTLY: On E. Liberty Street west of S. College Street
WHEN VISITED: 2007 while on the Gainesville roadtrip

The angular black backstop is what first caught my eye. I had never seen a backstop this shape before. It screamed 1940's to me and the little megaphone speaker jutting out only adds to the nostalgia.

Home to the Pilot Point High School Bearcats. It appears from this sign that from 1987 to 1997 Bearcat Baseball often got close enough to taste it but never got to take a bite of the State Champions cake:

1987 District Runner Up

1988 District Runner Up

1989 Area Champ

1990 District Runner Up

1991 Regional Semifinalist

1992 Regional Semifinalist

1993 District Runner Up

1994 Bi-District Champs

1995 State Runner Up

1996 State Qualifier

1997 Area Champ

Pretty impressive but the State Trophy seems to be allusive.

The old Victorian home past right field adds to the vintage look of this high school ballfield.
Some newer aluminum bleachers in addition to the old wooden ones behind home plate may indicate that the program is finally getting some recognition. I noticed that the dugouts were freshly painted black and had new Bearcat script and logo painted on.

An attractive little high school field in a nice, open, old neighborhood setting.

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