Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pearson Park Ballfield Grandstand

WHERE: Pearson Park, Anaheim California
WHERE EXACTLY: 400 N Harbor Blvd, inside Pearson Park

After clearing away orange trees, the ballfield and grandstand were built in 1927.

The concrete and wood grandstand now has aluminum bleachers and seats 750 people.

Police Chief Randy Gaston who spearheaded a major clean-up and restoration of the park in 1999, died while jogging near the park. He was honored with the planting of an oak tree and this plaque mounted on the side of the grandstand.

It didn't seem so much to be a ballfield anymore though. At least I didn't notice any bases or baselines, not even a home plate, just a big dirt area. In fact when I first approached I couldn't figure out what sport the field could possibly be used for, maybe Cricket?

PARK FACTS: On September 20, 1920, city trustees approved purchase of Herman A. Dickel's 19 acre ranch at the southwest corner of Lemon and Sycamore Streets. A young Rudy Boysen was hired to supervise installation and maintenance of the park. He kept that position for more than 38 Years and developed the "Boysenberry" in his spare time. Each year between 1921 and 1929 a new garden or structure was added to the park. The Greek Theater, water garden, cactus garden, plunge and bathhouse (demolished), and baseball stadium (restored) were part of a building boom stopped only by the Depression. The present day park maintenance buildings were originally part of Boysen's greenhouse. He not only maintained the park grounds but grew all the flowers as well.


Ted said...

Hi Tom, I grew up in Anaheim and remember seeing adult league softball played at that field. The unique grandstands look like they were made for multi-purpose use (wonder if they played polo there??) Anyway, that wide layout of the stands give a huge amount of foul ground to the defense.

Haven't read your whole blog yet, but wondering if you've covered Dee-Fee field (inside Glover stadium) in Anaheim?? I'm sure major league pitcher Jaret Wright (Katella HS) and Brian Downing (Magnolia HS) would have played there.
Also, I've always been curious about Veteran's Stadium in the City of Commerce (I think off the 5 Fwy). Just throwing that out there, if you're in SoCal.

Ted said...

Just found some info on Dee-Fee here: (they mistakenly call it "Las Palmas Park" ... it's just La Palma Park (singular). http://www.digitalballparks.com/California/LasPalmas_640_1.html

Veterans Memorial Park: http://www.oac.cdlib.org/data/13030/j5/kt5f59r0j5/files/kt5f59r0j5.pdf

not much info on the stadium in Commerce. THe official city site says it's a "Class A" facility. Maybe a an old league used it way back when, I imagine.