Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clark Field

WHERE: Woodland, California
WHERE EXACTLY: Grand Avenue and West Beamer Street
WHEN VISITED: July 3, 2011 while visiting family.

From the Davis Enterprise:

For years, baseball was played at old, 400-seat Beamer Park, but when the site was condemned in the late 1920s so Beamer School could be constructed, baseball was briefly in limbo.
Charles Clark, who was the president of the Sacramento Valley League, saw an opportunity, bought land off Beamer Street and worked with Motroni Construction to build a 1,400-seat, covered ballpark that became known as Clark Field.
Clark gained entry to the SVL with his club, known as the Woodland Oaks.
Opening day was April 27, 1930.

Read more Clark Field history here.

Wording on the scoreboard indicates that the field was established in 1930. There was no plaque to indicate this or when the stands were built, but I'm assuming that most of the existing structure is from the 30's.

The field played home for the Woodland Oaks of the now defunct Sacramento Valley League, the Woodland High School Wolves, the Babe Ruth League, and American Legion Ball.

Turnstyles are now gone but metal posts and a gate still mark the entrance to the stands.

Snack shack is below the press box and faces the entrance to the park.

The Clark Stadium Restoration Committee is currently through Phase I of a restoration project. New infield grass and outfield fences, a sprinkler system, a new scoreboard, and some cosmetic touches are now complete.

New flagpoles, and storage and coaches’ meeting facilities are being rehabilitated as subsequent Phases get funding.

New bleachers and the backstop are on the agenda. Restored snack and press facilities also are being planned.

A plaque placed behind home plate remembers David Drew who played in Woodlands youth leagues and was MVP of Woodland High Schools 1979 Championship Team. Apparently David Drew passed away shortly thereafter.

Another plaque placed in 1983 behind home plate honors the memory of Clarence Thorpe a Woodland Babe Ruth League supporter and Board Member.

I guess that this 80 year-old water fountain serves it's purpose if the snack shack is ever closed.

Dugouts are below-ground with side entrances. The fronts are protected by chain-link fence but the home plate side could still take a screamer coming in.

Bat stand serves as a rocket launcher as well.

I wonder what prompted this limitation.

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