Thursday, November 28, 2013

H. L. Kokernot Jr. Little League Field

WHERE: Alpine, Texas
WHERE EXACTLY: In Kokernot Park, E Hendryx Drive and Fighting Buck Avenue 
WHEN VISITED: November 23, 2013 while visiting son Tommy and his art exhibit at Fabrica 309 during Alpine ArtWalk 2013.

Adjacent to Kokernot Field is H. L. Kokernot Jr Little League Field.
This is an information booth at the entrance to the parking lot that both field share.
This booth doesn't appear to be used anymore.

The same red stone is used for this field for both the snack shack and for the two-story pressbox.

I think those were restrooms at the lower level of the structure.

A metal stairway from the grandstand leads to the pressbox.
Note the thickness of the walls by how deep the upper windows are.

The metal bleachers appear to be newer, probably not original to the field.

Here's the railing down the middle of the bleachers to steady oneself when accessing the pressbox.

The metal roof appears to be relatively new as well.

Kokernot Field is in the background.  You can see the 06 on the wall.
The grounds were very clean and well kept.
The grass and infield needs some work but this is winter.

I thought it was interesting that the dugouts weren't made of the same red stone.
Just your typical chain link fencing.
You can see the information booth in the background and the big stadium across the parking lot.

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